One evening. At the beach...

Keeping up a blog or personal posts have never been my strong suite. In a bid to improve on this, I thought I'd share some images of my daughter and the day before the big snow. Its been a long winter. I'm not sure if it's because we live so close to nature now, that we really pay attention to the changing seasons, but whatever the reason.... I'm glad its spring. And for more evenings like this one. 



Thank you everyone for making 2017 such a beautiful year. Once again to all of my clients and new friends, you guys are just amazing. Allowing me the freedom to capture these special moments in your life. Thank you. Here's to another great year. Who's with me?! ;)


Hello, World!

Mount Druid coolness

Dani & Conor. 2 wonderfully cool people I met back in 2016 in a coffee shop in Dundrum. We chatted about their wedding day, living in London, about raising children. They were so laid back and charming. I couldn't wait to shoot their day. And what a talented girl! Dani designed her own wedding dress and it was a knock out.  Mount Druid is such a cool venue. I had never shot there before and was blown away by the space they have created there. Dani & Conor's wedding was full of music (Literally everyone was signing all day long!) partying, close family and friends... I wish I'd known them in previous life so I could have made the guest list cut ;)  

Daragh & Phil

To say this wedding was one of my all time favourite weddings, would be the understatement of the century. Where do I start...Daragh and Phil. Two beautiful, soulful, creative gents who got married in December 2016 in the G Hotel. Daragh a Galway native, now living in the UK, who wanted to be married in his hometown when we won the vote earlier that year. His partner Phil, a handsome, gregarious and friendly man, who is basically one of the nicest men I think I've ever met. (Sorry Sam) Their day was a true celebration of love, friendship and family. I was honoured to be there and witness it ... big wet face an all. 


Can you believe it!? An actual blog post. I know. Im the worst. In my defence 2016 was pretty hectic for us. Work was great, busy, but great. We sold our house, bought another house. YAY! Faye is now 2 and a half and keeping me on my toes, all day, every day.  Life is good :) I do hope to share more work and personal stuff over 2017 and see more of some of you all too. Thanks to all my clients who have just been the best and so patient with me during our house move. Here's a slideshow I've put together with some highlights from 2016. Big love x

Hello, World!

Alma & Des

Alma & Des got married in Ballycotton in Co. Cork; a beautiful corner on our little island. They're wedding day was brimming with the important things in life; family, close friends and real love. Thanks you two for being such legends to hang out with x

A knees up at The Village at Lyons

Cara & Antony are such a sweet couple. They contacted me back in 2013 to shoot their wedding in the gorgeous Village at Lyons. I thought Cara's name sounded familiar through our emails and wondered if I knew her .... turns out we went to the same secondary school!   #Irelandistoosmall ... I've shot in the Lyons Estate many times and it's still always a pleasure to go back to such a beautiful venue. Cara & Antony put huge effort into the detail of their wedding day and along with a talented musical family ....well a savage party was had by all. It was a pleasure to be part of your day . Thank you both.

Cara & Antony004.jpg
Cara & Antony090.jpg
Cara & Antony013.jpg
Cara & Antony059.jpg
Cara & Antony135.jpg
Cara & Antony129.jpg
Cara & Antony157.jpg
Cara & Antony145.jpg
Cara & Antony148.jpg
Cara & Antony161.jpg
Cara & Antony170.jpg
Cara & Antony181.jpg
Cara & Antony191.jpg
Cara & Antony201.jpg
Cara & Antony230.jpg
Cara & Antony242.jpg
Cara & Antony329.jpg
Cara & Antony504.jpg
Cara & Antony491.jpg
Cara & Antony346.jpg
Cara & Antony340.jpg
Cara & Antony350.jpg
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Cara & Antony373.jpg
Cara & Antony371.jpg
Cara & Antony358.jpg
Cara & Antony375.jpg
Cara & Antony357.jpg
Cara & Antony400.jpg
Cara & Antony388.jpg
Cara & Antony384.jpg
Cara & Antony448.jpg
Cara & Antony443.jpg
Cara & Antony455.jpg
Cara & Antony446.jpg
Cara & Antony469.jpg
Cara & Antony404.jpg
Cara & Antony560.jpg
Cara & Antony546.jpg
Cara & Antony529.jpg
Cara & Antony593.jpg
Cara & Antony601.jpg
Cara & Antony615.jpg

Trudder Lodge….close to my heart

Trudder Lodge is a venue that's very close to my own heart. Myself and Sam got married there last year and it's always such a pleasure to go back and visit. Helen & Dave got married in October last year (I know, I know I'm a little late to the party with this post). It was a gorgeous Autumnal afternoon and the colours and light there were so beautiful. Here are some of the moments from their day…thanks for letting me share these images you two :) 

Helen & David-39.jpg
Helen & David-78.jpg
Helen & David-124.jpg
Helen & David-420.jpg
Helen & David-468.jpg
Helen & David-477.jpg
Helen & David-436.jpg
Helen & David-523.jpg

Tinakilly Wedding

Hey all! It's been a while …. Reason for my tardiness? I'm expecting our first bambino at the moment, so things have gone a little skew whiff  around here to say the least! Here'a short post from Wendy & Jason's wedding day in Tinakilly House Hotel in Co. Wicklow. Thanks for being such legends to hang out with you two ;) 

Wendy & Jason-357.jpg
Wendy & Jason-6.jpg